2011 The Year of the Cat (YOC) is a Canada-wide initiative orchestrated by Care for Cats that is intended to "get rid of the myths and give the facts!" This program will bring a national time-line of events such as adopt-a-thons and an identification week. To facilitate the effective delivery of these programs online tool kits will be provided at no cost to community collaborators across Canada.

Participating mavens will deliver messages to their communities of:

  • The importance of spaying and neutering to curb cat over-population and improve cats' health and well-being
  • Effective methods of delivering spay/neuter financial assistance programs
  • Improving existing Trap/Neuter/Release programs and introducing TNR to new communities
  • Increasing animal shelter 'Return-to-Owner' rates through identification, registration and licensing
  • Educating individuals about the cat and creating an awareness of the importance of routine veterinary care for the health of the cat and the general public
2011 year of the cat
playing cat